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The CW

Remember when print ads could only play video? Now they can broadcast live tweets.

One thousand copies from Time Inc. magazine Entertainment Weekly’s next print run on October 5 will contain an Internet-connected ad, embedded inside two stiff sheets of paper.

The CW Television Network is behind the promotional insert, which will use an Android-powered device with a 3G cellular radio to display looping video and a live Twitter stream (the six latest tweets posted to the @CW_Network) on a mini LCD screen.

The experiment is all about branding. “It’s important advertisers know they can come to us when they want to do something that’s new, that’s never been done before,” Rick Haskins, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Digital Programmes at The CW, told Mashable.

The ad may sound nifty on paper, but whether it heralds a renaissance in print advertising is not yet certain; the following Mashable video reveals it to be slow, silent, lacking in tactility and comparable to a singing Hallmark card.


Emma Knight


2012-10-03 12:03

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