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Storify, the popular curation tool that allows users to create stories by pulling together elements from Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Instagram and other social networks, has announced that it has struck its first syndication deal, with the news app Pulse as its partner.

A selection of Storify’s feeds will now be available on the popular newsreader app, which allows users to select a number of news organisations, blogs and social networks, and see their latest content collected within a single display.  According to TechCrunch, Storify’s co-founder Burt Herman says that Pulse will start by making just nine Storify feeds available, but this number may be expanded based on the response from users.

TechCrunch quotes Herman, who clarifies that “Pulse users can follow certain select user accounts that have been doing great work with Storify, including The Washington Post, Al Jazeera and the White House.” He explains further: “We’re also offering our own Storify Featured Stories feed as a channel, where we curate the day’s best stories created across the platform – the same stories that are also featured daily on our own homepage.”


Hannah Vinter


2012-04-19 17:25

The business of newspaper syndication began in the 19th century when many newspapers, especially in smaller cities and towns, found it difficult to maintain a large enough staff to report on anything other than local news. Ansel Kellogg is credited with starting the first American independent newspaper syndicate in 1865, which supplied small-town newspaper editors with newsprint that had syndicated national material printed on one side. Editors who bought the service then printed their local news and advertising on the blank sides of the sheets.

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Anton Jolkovski


2011-07-29 10:25

The New York Times Co. relaunched its online syndication service site, according to Media Post. Users can now purchase articles, features, multimedia and images from the Times or other affiliated media properties.

The new site will provide more than 250 articles from all sections of the paper as well as content from other NYTimes' properties, including the International Herald Tribune, The Boston Globe, WQXR-FM,, and

Registered users can either go online and purchase content a la carte, or they can contact a representative to subscribe to the services, Media Post reported.


Erina Lin


2009-02-03 23:52

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