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Not all paywalls are created equal: RR Donnelly’s Press+ announced yesterday that it would extend a grandfather clause to Google One Pass subscribers after Google closed its paid content platform on Friday, according to a press release.

Press+, a metered paywall platform which launched in 2009, currently has over 300 publications on its service, including newspapers from McClatchy and Tribune Co., as we previously reported. With the Press+ model, publishers allow users on average access to 5-15 articles per month, after which users must subscribe in order to view content. 

“We will maintain subscriber accounts for whichever publishers might have signed on with Google without charging our usual revenue share,” said Press+ cofounder Steven Brill in the press release. “We’ll only charge for all the new customers we generate going forward once our seamless transition is completed.”


Gianna Walton


2012-04-24 11:43

Australian newspaper publishers have started a multimillion-dollar fight for the right to conduct the country's first industry-funded and managed readership survey, The Age reported Thursday. As a result of an extended dispute with longtime research provider Roy Morgan, the survey has been offered to local and international researchers for tender.

The industry based readership survey was initiated two weeks ago by industry group Newspaper Works, a product of Fairfax Media, West Australian Newspapers, APN News & Media and News Ltd.

Roy Morgan was yesterday told of the group's decision to tender the survey shortly before a media briefing. The company's chief executive, Michele Levine, said the company would boycott the tender process and offer its own independent industry data analysis service.

"The real issue is control and independence," Levine said, according to The Age. "We're not going to stop our survey. We won't bid. We're going to keep conducting our survey and selling the data and the market will decide which information it believes - that which comes from newspapers or independent data."

Newspaper Works chief executive Tony Hale said he hoped Roy Morgan would bid for the contract, saying he is "not making a judgment" on data quality.


Leah McBride Mensching


2009-06-11 20:16

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