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From the Apple team that brought us smartphones that changed everything – again - comes the iPhone 5: the phone that changed very little. For the first time.

'Evolution not revolution’ is the phrase several commentators are turning to when summing up Apple’s newest release. Lighter, thinner and faster than its predecessors, the iPhone 5 nonetheless lacks the ‘wow’ factor we have come to expect from its makers. Hardly surprising really, given that it is the sixth incarnation of Apple’s ground-breaking smartphone.

Publishers and reporters hoping that with the new iPhone Apple would provide tools and technology that could once again change to face of journalism are likely to be disappointed. Certain features will endear the new handset to journalists who use, or want to use, their smartphones for on-the-ground reporting and information gathering. However in terms of its being used as a reporting gadget, there is little that sets the new model apart from its previous incarnation.


Amy Hadfield


2012-09-13 16:30

The New York Times: purveyor of “All The News That’s Fit To Print.” And now, all the news that’s fit to stream too?

A Nieman Lab reports, The Times has struck a licensing agreement with Hulu, making some of its video content available through the popular online streaming service. For the moment, the only Times video that is on offer with Hulu is a documentary about hockey named “Punched Out: The Life and Death of an N.H.L. Enforcer,” but Nieman Lab writes that more content is due to be uploaded soon.  

Author of the article Justin Ellis suggests that putting content on Hulu has both pros and cons for the Times. “On Hulu, a viewer may be more likely to seek a lean-back entertainment and watch a video longer than five minutes,” writes Ellis, “But by putting the videos on Hulu, the Times is also sending eyeballs off their property and adding an intermediary who’ll expect a cut of the ad revenue.”


Hannah Vinter


2012-06-04 16:07

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