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As news organisations go digital, asking what kind of information people will pay for online is the new industry’s million-dollar question – or indeed multi-billion dollar question. Many in the business say that it is an uphill struggle to get people to pay for information itself, when it flows so freely online. Instead many media outfits focus on selling analysis, packaging and a good user experience.

The big exception is that users and businesses are willing to pay for financial information. As paidContent noted earlier this month, Bloomberg sells financial data to around 300,000 global customers for about $20,000 a year each.

Now GigaOm has profiled a Swedish start-up that is also making big bucks (although not on the same scale as Bloomberg) from selling business information. Mancx describes itself as a platform for “Business answers you can’t get anywhere else”.


Hannah Vinter


2012-06-12 17:10

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