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Against a background of cuts and layoffs in the Spanish media, The Huffington Post’s Spanish counterpart El Huffington Post was launched in Madrid yesterday, marking the latest step in the brand’s global expansion.

The launch represents a fusion between traditional and new media brands. As Bloomberg Businessweek reports, El Huffington Post is being produced from the offices of Spain’s leading newspaper El País, and is 50% owned by El País’s parent company Prisa.


Hannah Vinter


2012-06-07 17:23

Spanish weekly A pie de calle recently hit the streets of Madrid with a circulation of 100,000 copies, reported on Tuesday. Although it currently only serves Madrid's community, the 24-pages free weekly is aiming to have 12 local editions by 2011.

The newspaper was created as an alternative to the existing local media outlets, which are "very focused on the small municipality or district," said director Concha Minguela to Periodista Digital. "There has never been a regional newspaper in a broader context such as in Galicia La Voz accompanied by several local supplements," she explained.

The newspaper also plans to increase its circulation to 500,000 copies and expand its distribution to Barcelona, Sevilla, Bilbao and Valencia, pointed out.


Clara Mart


2010-12-16 21:53

People in Spain like to read newspapers, and the growing tendency is to read them online rather than their print version, according to the 2010 Report of the Digital Content Industry published by Spain's National Observatory of Telecomunications and Information Society.

In fact, 49.7 percent of the population reads newspapers online mostly through computers. The study showed that only 7.1 percent of the users access daily publications with mobile devices.

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The report also revealed that the economic crisis has reduced newspapers' advertising revenue from €1,461 million in 2007 to €883.7 million in 2009, leaving the newspaper sales as the main source of revenue with €1.215 million.

In 2009, newspapers represented 41.1 percent of the publishing sector overall income, calculated in €7.128 million, pointed out. This means that newspapers brought €2.929 million into Spain's publishing industry.


Clara Mart


2010-11-24 16:01

The Associated Press is expanding the AP Mobile News Network to Latin America and U.S., Editor and Publisher reported.

AP Mobile America Latina provides news sources to consumers in two ways: AP Mobile en Espanol is offered to people in the U.S. who want international, national and local news in Spanish. AP Mobile Latina is available to Latin American users, which features regional, national and world news from AP and participating partners.

"AP Mobile en Espanol and AP Mobile America Latina will be regional options in all current AP Mobile outlets including the WAP site as well as the iPhone, Palm Pre, Android and Nokia client applications," according to Jane Seagrave, AP's senior vice president for global product development. She said in a statement that they will soon make the service available on more handsets and carriers.

The partner providing regional news is RBS Group of Brazil.

According to Sue Cross, AP senior vice president for Media Markets, America, the service can "empower Latin American news consumers to choose mobile news with robust location-based content in their native language, whether from Latin America, the Caribbean or U.S. locations."

The AP Mobile has already had French and English language versions, E & P reported.


Erina Lin


2009-11-06 17:06

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