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America’s highest-net-worth individuals have once again been ranked by bank account in the latest Forbes 400 list, and along with the paucity of exceptionally wealthy women, one of the most startling revelations is the speed at which last year’s social media chiefs have slid down the totem pole.

Together, social media’s young masters lost US$ 11 billion in a single year, raising doubts about whether wealth generated in the hype-splashed sector has staying power.

The fortune of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg slipped the furthest. In just over three months after the social network’s widely publicized IPO “pop” in May, the company’s market value has dropped by over $50 billion dollars. Its 28-year-old founder’s net worth has dwindled by $8.1 billion to hit $9.4 billion, and his Forbes placement has fallen from 14th to 36th. In his new status, Zuckerberg is tied with another man who had a rough summer in the headlines: 81-year old Rupert Murdoch.


Emma Knight


2012-09-20 16:51

As users spend more and more of their time on Facebook and Twitter, a strong social media strategy is becoming increasingly crucial to the survival of any news organisation.

We all know this is true, but we’re still left with the question – exactly how should media companies approach social media? Where should publishers efforts be focused, and what should the be measuring in order to gauge their success?

Cathy Ma, Head of Social Media for IPC Media, which publishes NME, Marie Claire, In Style and Horse & Hound, among many other UK magazines, gave some answers to these questions at the Social Media World Forum in London, where she presented a guide on to how to set up a social media strategy and measure its success.

Ma says that the “holy grail” of social media success comes from finding the right audience, maintaining a relationship with them and then monetising the relationship.


Hannah Vinter


2012-03-27 14:20

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