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Outdoor advertising

In the United Kingdom, outdoor may be the most useful ad format for advertising newspapers and magazines, according to Sally Dickerson, global director for marketing firm Brand Science, according to Brand Republic. Print ads may be the most advantageous to FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) and telecommunications advertisers.

For newspapers and magazines, outdoor generated £1.29 of incremental sales per £1 of media and production cost. TV is less efficient, offering £0.77. Print and radio both generate £0.50 while Internet £0.39.

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Print produces £1.47 of incremental sales revenue per £1 of media and production charges for FMCG advertisers. Meanwhile, outdoor gathers £1.09, radio £0.89 and Internet £0.66, Brand Republic wrote Monday.

Brand Science analysis also found that print was the most efficient format for telecom firms since incremental sales amounted to £11.31 for each £1 of media and production charges, Marketing Media Review divulged.


Alisa Zykova


2010-11-17 18:29

News International Commercial has launched outdoor and print advertisements that aim to show the power of newspapers and magazines, reported today.

The ads are based on research from Microsoft Advertising, which in December stated that for large retailers, print advertising is more effective than online ads, and more than twice as effective as television ads. Each £1 spent on print ads garner £5 in revenue, while TV and Internet ads bring in £2.15 and £3.44, respectively.

The News International ads state "For every £1 spent on advertising by retailers, newspapers and magazines deliver £6.41 in sales - more than any other media and 164% greater than TV."

The campaign will run across all News International titles for two weeks, beginning yesterday in The Sunday Times, according to a press release.

Participants of the Microsoft survey of 26 large UK retailers were anonymous, but included fashion retailers, department stores, large grocery retailers and big clothing stores. Twenty-four of the participants were "in the top 100 UK companies" when it comes to media expenditure.

News International is the main UK subsidiary of News Corporation. It publishes The Times, The Sunday Times, The Sun and News of the World.


Leah McBride Mensching


2010-02-08 23:58

Outdoor advertising is forecast to grow in 2009 in South Africa, especially the digital outdoor sector, according to Biz '09 Trend Report, Biz-Community Africa reported Friday.

Although the global economic turndown is likely to pull outdoor down slightly, the outdoor multi-messaging is expected to increase overall, with advertisers expected to "rediscover" the platform as "very effective," the report states.

Currently, advertisers are using outdoor advertising more tactically, such as targeting specific location and landmarks, and as one way to reach consumers as part of an overall campaign, the report states, Biz-Community reported.

New outdoor formats, more special events in 2009 (such as the National Elections and Confederations Cup), a rise in integrated campaigns and a domination by stronger brands will also lead to the platform's rise in the country, according to Biz-Community.


Leah McBride Mensching


2009-01-20 05:19

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