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Online trends

After several online mega-deals in 2007, the total value of Internet media mergers and acquisitions dropped 62 percent to US$16.9 billion in 2008, according to a new report by Peachtree Media Advisors in New York, Media Post reported.

The Internet-related M&A dollars fell from $44.4 billion in 2007, even though the number of deals was up 15 percent to 707.

Those notable deals in 2007 boosting the total dollar last year included Microsoft's $6 billion acquisition of aQuantive, Google's $3.1 billion purchase of DoubleClick, as well as WPP Group's $650 million purchase of 24/7 Real Media, Media Post reported.

In 2008, "there were less of those huge deals, and the reason is because a lot of the diversified media companies that were doing the buying have seen their own valuations go down," according to John Doyle II, founder and managing director of Peachtree, an investment bank focusing on the interactive marketing and out-of-home ad sectors.

The biggest news in 2008 was Microsoft's proposed $4.7 billion takeover of Yahoo, which may not be over yet.


Erina Lin


2009-01-20 22:48

American online users are spending more time on the Web, both on a daily and weekly basis, according to a recent study by Harris Interactive, eMarketer reported.

In 2008, at-home online access time far outstripped at-work access. Both are expected to grow this year.

However, according to another study by TNS Global, U.S. users do not take the lead in spending leisure time online. China topped other countries on the list, with users spending 44 percent of their leisure time on the Internet last year. The United States was ranked fifth, as users spend 30 percent of leisure time spent online, just after Italy (31 percent), but ahead of Spain and Australia (29 percent each), eMarketer reported.

However, the United States may improve in the rankings in coming years, according to Harris Interactive. Since 2001, the amount of time U.S. residents spent online per week jumped from seven to 14 hours. It increased slowly between 2001 and 2006, but accelerated in 2007 and boosted even more in 2008.


Erina Lin


2009-01-20 22:23

Last year, watching online videos, downloading television programmes and making phone calls online saw the largest year-on-year increase among adult Internet users in the United States, Mediamark Research & Intelligence research has found.

Although just 3.2 percent of adults said they downloaded a TV show in the last 30 days, that is a 141.4 percent increase over 2007.

Meanwhile, 35.4 percent of U.S. adults said they watched a video online, and 4 percent said they made a phone call online, according to MRI's Survey of the American Consumer.

However, e-mail (74.2 percent), reading/viewing news reports (46 percent) and paying bills (39.6 percent) are still the most common activities for adults ages 18 and older, the report stated, according to MediaPost.


Leah McBride Mensching


2009-01-20 05:37

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