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Nintendo 3D gaming device, 3DS, should hit the market no later than March 31, 2011, or even sooner than that, reported.

According to Nintendo president and CEO Satoru Iwata in an interview, the device's online connectivity could also be used for downloading and viewing traditional print media.

"As you carry it with you while out and about, it will seek out and automatically connect with wireless LAN spots, and download information. We're thinking about functionality where it will automatically acquire newspaper and magazine articles," Iwata said to Japanese news outlet Nikkei, reported.

According to Iwata, Nintendo is trying to find ways to "beam newspapers, and magazine articles straight to the Nintendo 3DS". He did not mention whether it'd be a full newspaper, or just certain sections or a single article, but it seems that magazines are "cordoned off to just a single article, and not the entire issue," Slash Gear reported.


Erina Lin


2010-06-22 23:24

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