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British newsagents are selling 14 percent less newspapers than they were a decade ago and sales revenues are expected to continue decreasing by 44 percent in the next five years, according to research by Mintel, paidContent reported yesterday.

But despite this decline, newsagents' income has increased since 1999 by 10 percent, to £26.8 billion. The reason is a sales boost of other goods such as magazines, cards and cigarettes, the Press Gazette informed.

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The biggest growth was experienced in the magazine and comic sector, where spending went up by 38 percent. Overall, spending on newspaper declined from £3.4 billion to £2.9 billion.

"This sector appears to be in long-term decline, reflecting changes in consumer lifestyles and major changes in how information is acquired and consumed," Mintel's report stated, according to paidContent.


Clara Mart


2010-08-27 16:43

After media buyers and advertisers said they did not want rolling averages of circulation data each month, newspaper publishers are now being pressured by the Media Federation of Australia (MFA) to disclose individual weekday sales figures, The Australian reported today.

Currently, newspaper publishers release data each quarter. Publishers had put forth a plan in which they would release two audited bi-yearly statements, in addition to 13-week average sales figures that would be released each month. This alternative proposal, among others issued by publishers "do not address key concerns raised by our members," which include top media buying agencies, the MFA stated in a letter to the country's four largest publishers.
"Averages don't work," Carol Morris, executive director of the MFA, told The Australian. "We do want to know how Monday performs compared with Thursday. If Julia Gillard overthrows Kevin Rudd, what happens to the circulation of newspapers?"

Newspaper publishers will meet with the MFA on Sept. 6, she said.


Savita Sauvin


2010-08-16 20:15

Although some researches claim newspaper sales in Australia have remained stable throughout the years, new study finds that considering the country's growing population, sales have been in a decline significantly, according to the Media Alliance in Walkley Media Conference this week, mUmBRELLA reported.

The organisation combined data from Audit Bureau of Circulation with Australian Bureau of Statistics population numbers, and calculated an approximate measure of metro and national paper sales per capita over the last two decades.

Even though considering the margin for error, the trend has been downwards, from sales of nearly 160 papers per 1000 population in 1991, to less than 110 per 1000 in 2010, mUmBRELLA reported,

The Australia population has increased by about a quarter to more than 22 million, while newspaper sales have decreased slightly.


Erina Lin


2010-08-12 18:48

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