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Germany’s international broadcaster Deutsche Walle (DW) is using mobile phones to extend the reach of its "Learning by Ear" programmes in Sub-Saharan Africa. In a continent where Internet access is limited or non-existent, and many countries experience high levels of adult illiteracy, DW has teamed up with mobile phone operators, like Vodaphone in Tanzania, to bring its news service to a greater number of listeners.

Originally a radio series launched in 2008 and followed up with a podcast in 2010, "Learning by Ear" aims to give young people aged 12-20 an insight into subjects like the economy, health, politics and the environment. Through dramas, feature reports and in-depth news analysis "Learning by Ear" tackles issues pertinent to the continent’s teenagers, such as looking and applying for a job in Africa, HIV and AIDS information and a series on women’s rights.


Amy Hadfield


2012-07-23 16:52

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