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In the United Kingdom, the average person spends 45 percent of their waking hours watching television, listening to the radio, or using mobile phones, computers or other gadgets, media regulator Ofcom has found in its first study to track how long consumers spend with various media. Increasing use of both smartphones and social networking sites are partly responsible for the high number, reported today.

For example, two years ago 5.7 million people said they accessed the Internet on their mobile phone, while 13.5 million people said so this year, Ofcom's annual Communications Market Report found. The most popular mobile site was Facebook, at 45 percent; Google came in with 8 percent.

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But consumers aren't spending all their time with new media and new digital devices. Traditional media, especially television, are still a "central part" of everyday life, the Telegraph explained. However, multitasking is also increasing, with a growing number of people saying that watch TV or listen to the radio while using the Internet.


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