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Metro International

Free newspaper Metro will continue its expansion in Latin America by launching print and online versions in Puerto Rico later this month, its parent company Metro International, headquartered in Sweden, announced today.

Metro’s presence in Puerto Rico’s capital San Juan will bring the number of Latin American countries in which Metro is handed out up to eight; the freesheet is already distributed to almost three million daily readers in the metropolitan centers of Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala and Columbia.

"Latin America has grown in importance to Metro and now accounts for over 25 percent our business," said Mikael Jenson, CEO and President of Metro International, in the release.

The Financial Times has similarly announced a “significant expansion into the Latin American market” today.

The salmon-coloured British daily is launching a digital newspaper printing site in Brazil, which as of tomorrow will begin using high-speed inkjet technology to print newspapers in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and the capital Brasilia.

The Financial Times is concurrently launching a new mobile web app for Latin America, and a Latin America homepage for its website,, both of which will prioritize content that is relevant to its growing Latin American readership. 


Emma Knight


2012-10-02 17:10

If you haven't yet launched an app, do it quickly, just to see if your audience really wants them, says Renate Nyborg, Head of Business Development for A&N Mobile & TV in the United Kingdom.

Speaking at WAN-IFRA Digital Media Europe, being held in London from 11-13 April, Ms Nyborg says that's what A&N did with its Metro title - and the result from the simple exercise was a new apps business, tailored for the profile of Metro readers.

That first app was a simple PDF of the daily paper. "The key was doing something very quickly to get an idea of the appetite of our mobile readers for a mobile app," says Ms Nyborg. The result was 350,000 downloads.

Once the company learned its audience wanted apps, it started to develop more sophisticated offerings, ultimately leading to the creation of Metro Apps, a new business dedicated to lifestyle apps and games that appeal to the Metro audience and benefit from the brand.

"The key thing is to play to your strengths and build your strategy on insight," Ms Nyborg says. "It's not really about just jumping on the bandwagon like people did a few years ago on social media. It's about defining your audience, how they use content, and then building something that fits in to their behaviour."


Anton Jolkovski


2011-04-13 09:54

The United Kingdom's third largest newspaper recently launched its own iPhone and iPad application site, which offers 17 apps, Newspaper Innovation reported Wednesday.

The website, called Metro Apps, "specifically targets Metro's demographic of 18-to 45-year-old urban professionals" and its a joint venture between the newspaper and Associated & Northcliffe Mobile & TV, the new division that Daily Mail and General Trust created after closing AND last April, explained.

According to its website, Metro Apps is also host a monthly competition "where mobile app developers can win a publishing deal to make their app famous."

So far, the site offers two paid games at £0.59 each; five free lifestyle apps which include jobs and property finder; two cab and metro apps; six paid phrase book apps and one travel one.


Clara Mart


2010-11-19 23:59

Freesheet Metro in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal came wrapped in a glossy ad from fashion retailer H&M Canada today. H&M is the first such retailer to create a glossy wrap for Metro, a press release stated.

Printed on glossy paper, the wrap shows readers what the retailer's newest guest designer, Lanvin, has created for the autumn/winter 2010 collection. Online, today also was taken over by H&M on its homepage and style section, as well as an expandable video.

The print initiative was planned by media agency Mediacom, in partnership with Metro Canada.

For the full press release, click here:
Press Release - Metro and HM.pdf

Here is what Metro's homepage looked like today:


Leah McBride Mensching


2010-11-19 17:06

Metro's Canadian websites are exploding - simulating landmines on their homepages in partnership with the Walk Without Fear Foundation.

When visitors go to the website, they are automatically redirected to a website that looks like the Metro homepage, but the content and ads are all about "family, children and safety," explained a Metro press release, quoted by Newspaper Innovation.

After a moment, a "landmine" explodes in the page, shattering the articles and destroying the page.

"The purpose of the media execution is to drive donations to the Walk Without Fear Foundation (created by Mines Action Canada) by generating awareness about the impact and effects that landmines continue to have around the world - Every hour someone falls victim to a landmine."

The ad campaign is slated to end today, according to Newspaper Innovation.


Leah McBride Mensching


2010-11-04 17:21

Free daily Metro will expand its coverage in Brazil by launching a fifth edition in Rio de Janeiro, Newspaper Innovation reported yesterday.

This edition will initially have 100,000 daily copies from Monday to Friday, making Metro Brazil the largest paper in the country with a daily average circulation of 330,000 copies. With this addition, the free newspaper will surpass the popular Folha de Sao Paulo, Newspaper Innovation noted.

"Metro continues its expansion in line with the strategy for growth in emerging markets. Brazil is one of the most attractive markets in Latin America, both in terms of its size and growth," Metro International's President and CEO Mikael Jensen said in a press release, Reuters quoted.

The company chose Rio de Janeiro because it represents 23 percent of the Brazilian newspaper market. Furthermore, advertisement in the sector is expected to grow this year by 9 percent. According to Newspaper International, Metro Brazil was first launched in Sao Paolo in 2007 and, two years later, two other editions were added. The latest version was introduced in April.


Clara Mart


2010-10-02 00:00

Free daily newspaper group Metro International announced that it assigned the position of its first ever global head of marketing to Christian Quarles, who joined the firm in 2004, Marketing Magazine reported today.

Quarles will be in charge of Metro International's first worldwide branding campaign that is commencing in 2011, after a decision was made to forgo the "traditional" concept of hiring a creative agency to help with the task. He pointed out that the team would consist of the "best freelancers" of the industry, Brand Republic wrote.

"One of my most important tasks will be to lead this brand team in order to turn Metro into a global premium brand - highly recognised by readers, advertisers, employees and competitors alike," Quarles added.

The freesheet is published by Metro International in over 100 prominent cities across the globe, aside from the United Kingdom, where Metro is owned by Associated Newspapers. Quarles (right) previously worked for international skincare corporation Beiersdorf and Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet. He is currently the marketing director of Metro in Sweden.


Alisa Zykova


2010-09-23 20:38

Metro International will not work with a creative agency on its first global branding campaign and has instead hired a brand team led by Mattias Frodlund, a freelancer previously working for Leo Burnett, Media & Marketing reported last week.

In a press release, Metro International CEO Per Mikael Jensen said the company's previous goal was to "establish Metro as the world's largest global newspaper." The next step"is building Metro into one global premium brand, admired and respected by readers as well as advertisers," global marketing director Christian Quarles added.

Frodlund will help to develop brand concepts and communication strategies to position the brand globally, Newspaper Innovation noted.

"This year is 'the year of the product', and big investments are made in Metro World News, the central news desk in London, to supply unique high-quality content to all Metro newspapers," Jensen said, according to Newspaper Innovation.

The global branding campaign will be targeted towards readers, advertisers, employees and shareholders. The campaign will be launched on multiple media channels in 19 countries from the beginning of 2011.


Savita Sauvin


2010-08-30 22:18

Metro International has announced a €476,000 (£398,000) net profit in the second quarter, due to impressing performances in Sweden and Hong Kong, Brand Republic reported.

The publisher, which has eagerly expanded to become one of the largest newspaper groups by footprint around the world, posted its second quarter net revenues at €57.3 million (£47.9 million), compared to €60.7 million (£50.75 million) one year ago, according to a company press release.

However, the company still lost €5.3 million (£4.4 million) in the first half of 2010, after the €5.8 million loss in the first quarter. Because of its free newspaper model, the company solely relies on advertising, which has forced it to reduce costs and pull back during the economic downturn. Last year it shut down its operations in Spain, due to the advertising slump, Brand Republic reported.


Erina Lin


2010-07-19 23:47

Metro International S.A. announced that Publimetro, its Mexican version, is launching a bi-weekly free sports title with local partners Inmobiliaria Torraco and MX Shares in Mexico City, a press release posted by MarketWatch announced today.

In Mexico, the sports advertising market is valued at US$28.4 million per year. It is currently dominated by Record, a paid title, with 70 percent share, according to Market Watch.

Publisport, with 100 percent sports related content, will be the first free paper in the market. It will have a daily circulation of 40,000, delivered Monday and Friday.

According to Mikael Jensen, President and CEO of Metro International, "Given the size of the market for sports advertising in Mexico, launching a sports publication under the Metro umbrella is a logical step. This step is furthermore a good example of Metro's strategy to grow in present markets by brand extensions."

Besides at Publimetro's distribution points, the free title will also be handed out at sports related distributions points, such as stadiums and gyms. It is targeted 18-49 year old male sports amateurs, Newspaper Innovation reported.


Erina Lin


2010-05-04 20:27

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