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Latin America

Free newspaper Metro will continue its expansion in Latin America by launching print and online versions in Puerto Rico later this month, its parent company Metro International, headquartered in Sweden, announced today.

Metro’s presence in Puerto Rico’s capital San Juan will bring the number of Latin American countries in which Metro is handed out up to eight; the freesheet is already distributed to almost three million daily readers in the metropolitan centers of Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala and Columbia.

"Latin America has grown in importance to Metro and now accounts for over 25 percent our business," said Mikael Jenson, CEO and President of Metro International, in the release.

The Financial Times has similarly announced a “significant expansion into the Latin American market” today.

The salmon-coloured British daily is launching a digital newspaper printing site in Brazil, which as of tomorrow will begin using high-speed inkjet technology to print newspapers in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and the capital Brasilia.

The Financial Times is concurrently launching a new mobile web app for Latin America, and a Latin America homepage for its website,, both of which will prioritize content that is relevant to its growing Latin American readership. 


Emma Knight


2012-10-02 17:10

Circulation of dailies in Latin America is expected to grow during the next five years, generating more than US$7.5 billion in revenues, according to the PricewaterhouseCoopers' Media & Entertainment Outlook for 2010-2014, the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas reported yesterday.

The growth will be lead by Brazil and Argentina, expected to see an increase of 2.2 percent and 1.4 percent, respectively. However, countries like Colombia and Venezuela are expected to see declines between 0.8 and 0.2 percent, La Nacion revealed.

The region will also see a 5.7 percent rise in freesheets' circulation as Metro International continues to invest in Brazil and Mexico, La Nacion explained. This two countries and Venezuela are three of the most dynamic markets for this type of publication.

The PwC study related the circulation growth to the low penetration of broadband in Latin America and the increase in population over the past 45 years, which is the group that values more print news than online versions.


Clara Mart


2010-08-18 21:48

The Associated Press is expanding the AP Mobile News Network to Latin America and U.S., Editor and Publisher reported.

AP Mobile America Latina provides news sources to consumers in two ways: AP Mobile en Espanol is offered to people in the U.S. who want international, national and local news in Spanish. AP Mobile Latina is available to Latin American users, which features regional, national and world news from AP and participating partners.

"AP Mobile en Espanol and AP Mobile America Latina will be regional options in all current AP Mobile outlets including the WAP site as well as the iPhone, Palm Pre, Android and Nokia client applications," according to Jane Seagrave, AP's senior vice president for global product development. She said in a statement that they will soon make the service available on more handsets and carriers.

The partner providing regional news is RBS Group of Brazil.

According to Sue Cross, AP senior vice president for Media Markets, America, the service can "empower Latin American news consumers to choose mobile news with robust location-based content in their native language, whether from Latin America, the Caribbean or U.S. locations."

The AP Mobile has already had French and English language versions, E & P reported.


Erina Lin


2009-11-06 17:06

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