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Flash quiz: what is the highest-circulation English-language newspaper in the world?

(Hint: Rupert Murdoch doesn’t own it.)

The correct answer, as you are likely aware, is the Times of India, which has a circulation of 4.3 million, and reaches an average of 7.64 million readers with each issue.

While money may not exactly be growing on trees in the news industry these days, the 174-year-old title, published by family-owned media conglomerate Bennett, Coleman & Company (B.C.C.L.), is planted in fertile soil: it is the most widely read English-language daily in a country where newspaper circulation is rising by 8 percent per year overall, and 1.5 percent per year for English-language newspapers.


Emma Knight


2012-10-22 17:34

In the digital age it makes sense for English-language news brands to focus on expanding their global audience: English as an international language is growing, print audiences in Europe and North American are declining, and digital technology makes is relatively cheap to publish in a foreign market (at least compared to the cost of printing costly international editions). All good reasons to try to grow your international readership.

As Nieman Lab pointed out in an article published earlier this week, The New York Times is a brand that is already “an established worldwide player.” However, the article suggests that the paper is still “trying to figure out its place in the international mediascape.” One small part of this process is the paper’s new India Ink blog.


Hannah Vinter


2012-06-08 17:58

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