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The management of leading Spanish newspaper El País announced to staff on Friday a plan to lay off about 150 employees – or one third of staff – as part of a series of cutbacks to “guarantee the viability of the business in years to come.”

Other measures will include early retirement plans and salary cuts, announced Juan Luis Cebrián, President of the PRISA group and of El País, accompanied by directors of both the publishing group and the newspaper.

The managers called the cutbacks “painful” yet “inevitable,” citing a steep drop in revenue stemming from the contraction of the advertising market and reduced circulation. In the Spanish market, print advertising revenue has dropped by 53 percent and newspaper circulation by 18 percent over the last five years, directors told staff members.

“For every dollar that is made on the Internet, ten are destroyed in print,” said Cebrián. “It’s not a question of wanting to improve profitability. The newspaper can no longer support its current cost structure.”


Emma Knight


2012-10-08 17:42

El Pais is putting its digital first foot forward…

Over the past few months, the Spanish daily has been introducing major changes to its digital products, gradually shifting sections of the paper over to a new platform and CMS. On the February 22 it unveiled a fully redesigned web page, with improved navigation, easier sharing and more sophisticated search functions.

The innovations are part of a radical change in newsroom culture at El Pais. “We’ve shifted our center of gravity at the newsroom – in the past it used to be print, but now it is digital,” wrote the paper in a blog post last month.

But rather than just emphasizing the value of digital over print, El Pais has also stressed that it has integrated its newsroom to prioritise content over platforms altogether.

“Until now, we spoke about when we were referring to online content. But in this new age, we’re dropping the “.com” and the whole El Pais newsroom is working, regardless of the platform where content is published – in print, on the web, on mobile or tablets – to the same standards of quality and rigour,” declared the paper, as it unveiled the new design, “El Pais is El Pais, no matter where you read it.”


Hannah Vinter


2012-03-07 12:09

By Federica Cherubini

Six countries, six leading newspapers, a huge audience and one common theme: Europe, how to explain it better, how to understand it better, how to build it better. This is the aim of an editorial project which saw six papers joining forces to produce a joint special edition on the situation of the European Union.

"The state of the Union", echoing the State of the union speech US President Obama gave on 24 January, is the angle of the first issue of Europa (more will be expected in future) produced by El Pais, the Guardian, Le Monde, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Gazeta Wyborcza and La Stampa.

This joint special editorial supplement aims to give a "more nuanced picture of the EU and explore what Europe does well and what not so well", as the Guardian explained.


Hannah Vinter


2012-01-27 15:21

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