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Getting to grips with the speed of change brought about by the digital revolution is rarely easy for the news editors at the head of an industry that remained fundamentally unchanged and stable until relatively recently.

Take, for example, the case of news website homepages.

When the rise of the Internet demanded that newspapers engage with their readers through online editions, editors responded (some faster than others) with websites built around homepages that acted as a constantly updated front page. However, the digital world is characterised by relentless advancement and development, meaning that online news strategies frequently become out-dated.

Only a little over year ago the Pew Research Center issued its "Navigating News Online" report, in which the importance of the homepage came under scrutiny. Although users were increasingly finding their way directly to news articles through social media, the data amassed by the report suggested that “the front page of a Website is vital.” For 21 of the 25 news sites taken into account by the Center’s research, the homepage was the most viewed part of the site: at, the homepage attracted 79 percent of all traffic, and 69 percent at


Amy Hadfield


2012-09-07 17:19

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