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The news that The New York Times will soon be publishing its entire content on Flipboard seems to signal a decisive change in the way in which traditional press and media companies engage with their audiences. From this Thursday, the entire content of the NYT will be available to subscribers, whilst non-subscribers will be able to read a limited amount of articles found in the paper’s Top News section.

The partnership with Flipboard is quite a departure from the Times's previous stance on its digital content. In the past it was necessary to have a subscription to see more than 10 NYT articles, and its digital version could only be viewed via the paper’s apps and website or by reading excerpts quoted by third parties. Explaining why a company that had previously guarded its digital content so jealously has made such a bold move, Denise F. Warren, general manager of The New York Times’s website points out that in a survey of the paper’s subscribers 20 percent of those asked used third-party aggregation apps like Flipboard. The deal still leaves the paywall system in place, but leading figures at the paper hope that allowing partial access to certain articles will encourage many who have not subscribed already to do so.


Amy Hadfield


2012-06-26 17:27

Paywall, begone—for a limited time, that is. Starting this past Monday and lasting until May 6, The Boston Globe is offering readers a free trial of all of its online content on to show off its new elements and try to gain some new subscribers in the process, paidContent reported.

By entering their email addresses, users will have complete access to online content, including the downloadable ePaper version of The Boston Globe, the article said. The free trial, which also includes a deal in which users can subscribe online for $0.99 for the first eight weeks, is sponsored by Coldwell Banker, according to the Globe website.

Peter Doucette, Globe Executive Director of Circulation Sales and Marketing, told paidContent, “The impetus for the free trial is getting the word out on new features, including the Boston Globe ePaper.”

As we previously reported, The Boston Globe launched its ePaper version, a replica of the print edition that can be read on laptops, mobiles, and tablets, in March. The replica edition comes equipped with several new features, including a text-to-speech option with audio-recorded sections of the paper.


Gianna Walton


2012-04-25 12:26

When it comes to launching tablet and mobile apps, “the experience is everything,” says Greg Taylor, UX Strategy Director for Tigerspike which developed The Telegraph in the UK’s successful mobile and tablet apps.

Taylor presented the app roadmap that the Telegraph took in developing and ultimately launching its tablet app.

That roadmap included the experience of developing the app over a number of years, launching and testing the app to gain valuable feedback to improve the product, and ultimately creating a coherent monetisation strategy.

“Getting your head around how your users will use the app and content is absolutely critical and I don’t think companies do enough of that,” he said.  “I am interested in how people feel after they put that device down. And please make everything you do on these devices as simple as possible.”

For more on this story, please see our Digital Media Europe blog.


Dean Roper


2012-04-19 10:33

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