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by Andy Boyle

In case you didn't know, many news organizations are looking to hire web developers to help create awesome stuff online. And as this list of 19 job openings might imply, news organizations are having a difficult time trying to find people to fill these gigs.

One of the reasons for this difficulty, I believe, is because journalism students are not learning the necessary skills during their college years and internships to meet the minimum requirements of these jobs.

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Anton Jolkovski


2011-07-14 09:03

The first annual World Newspaper Future & Change Study is a global research study about newspaper publishers' business strategies moving forward for the next five years, with the key objective to inspire newspaper executives to invest and innovate their business units and business practices, the latest SFN's report, Charting the Course for Newspapers, reported.

The purpose of the study is to pinpoint the business and strategic challenges of the world's newspapers, and then to identify the publishers' strategies moving forward to turn the challenges into opportunities.

One section of the study is about organisational and people development in the face of extraordinary change. Asked to rank areas for possible development from 1 (lowest) to nine (top), respondents prioritise areas that would shore up existing operations by addressing areas identified as of concern in previous questions: journalism skills (1st, mean of 6.69 ) and sales skills (2nd, mean of 6.65 ). The third highest priority was "convergence of multimedia operations" (mean of 6.09), which is typically considered a way to become not only more effective in engaging audiences, but also a way to ensure greater efficiency in operations.


Erina Lin


2010-02-22 21:12

A recent post on paidContent calls into question the potentially unexplored territory of application development by news organisations.

Citing an idea that the article's author, Rafat Ali, had for an application that finds public transportation stops, he writes: "why didn't the New York Times in NY or our parent Guardian in UK think of this very simple but incredibly useful app?"

The questions brings up intriguing questions given that apps seem to be the thing of the future, making the iPhone not only invaluable, but more fun and addictive as well.

Ali proposes that news groups should have "guerilla dev teams on the hunt for the next new tech turn, or innovation" with which they could build upon and market, with the help of an advanced research and development department.


Leah McBride Mensching


2009-07-21 18:59

Ghana's media industry is making rapid economic and professional developments, according to the African Media Barometer-Ghana Report 2008, the Daily Guide Ghana reported today. The report also revealed substantial development in media freedom and independence and showed Ghana media to be one of the most successful on the continent.

The African Media Barometer was launched in 2005 by the Southern African Media Project in conjunction with the Media Institute of Southern Africa. The bi-annual survey is a self-assessment undertaken by each African nation under unique self constructed criteria.

The 11-person Ghanaian panel, taken from the media and civil society industries, found substantial growth and development in the country's media output but also noted a lack of quality reporting, according to Daily Guide Ghana.

The survey found the country's general economic conditions a major hindrance to the performance of media groups in the country, who instead of pursuing expansion and growth, must fight for every day survival. Concurrently journalism is a largely underpaid profession.

President of Ghana Journalists Association, Ransford Tetteh, challenged media houses to find ways to increase the wages of the country's journalists so as to improve the standards of the media industry, Daily Guide Ghana reported.


Leah McBride Mensching


2009-04-20 18:24

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