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Social media is a powerful tool for media organisations. It can be used to gather news, connect with audiences and increase the impact of stories. But social media can bite the hand that feeds it too - it can turn into an equally powerful forum to spread mistakes and amplify negative reactions to a brand.  

How can media companies handle these kind of situations to maintain the trust of their communities, deal with negative comments and ensure that they are sharing accurate information?

A panel discussion at the Social Media World Forum in London today, featuring representatives from a variety of industries including broadcast media, the police force and social networks themselves, tried to provide some answers.

Here's what they said:

 - Be prepared in advance.

As David Bailey, neighbourhood communications manager for the Staffordshire police put it, “you can’t learn social media while the streets are burning.”

If a big, negative story is about to break, you have to already have built up a connection with the community, and know how to respond to your users comments and criticisms. Colin Smith, the UK’s director of marketing solutions for LinkedIn backed Bailey up, emphasising that “people respond well if you’ve already built up trust.”


Hannah Vinter


2012-03-27 17:56

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