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The Wall Street Journal has launched The Wall Street Journal Deutschland today: a digital German-language edition of it paper, available at and via mobile and tablet apps.

National reporting will come from journalists at the Mudoch-owned Dow Jones Newswire, and international news will be supplied by The Wall Street Journal's 2000 worldwide correspondents. A team of around 10 editors based in Frankfurt will prepare articles for publication in the new edition.

The German edition is promoting itself as a digital only publication, proudly declaring on its Twitter feed this morning that it is "only on the web, never from the kiosk". The new managing editor of The Wall Street Journal Deutschland Knut Engelmann is quoted by the German tabloid Bild as a strong supporter of new media: "market surveys show that people want to consume news on the go and in real time. That means that a printed daily paper will always lag behind."


Hannah Vinter


2012-01-10 16:12

Russian publishing house Kommersant will launch a TV channel that may be available on cable or the Web, reported today. The channel's website outlined that it will focus on socio-political news content and that stories will "strictly" include only the facts and expert opinions.

RBC Daily wrote that Kommersant General Director Andrei Galiev confirmed the project will soon come to life and that the firm is looking into the various steps that should be taken to realise Kommersant TV. According to experts, initial investment in the project would have to be between US$2 million to $5 million, while the yearly budget must amount to $2 million, noted.

David Shostak, operating director of video-gaming and computer channel Gameland TV, said that Internet TV currently has no real business model and that Web-based outlets as such serve to promote the channel and to gain extra audiences, as opposed to cable-based ones, which is where real monetization occurs.


Alisa Zykova


2010-09-01 13:47

Aiming to give journalists a better understanding of financial issues, as well as help them interpret and report on economic data and jargon amidst the difficult global economy, the Business Journalists' Network held a meeting in Jessore to familiarise local journalists on topics such as trade financing, agricultural credit and anti money-laundering schemes, The Daily Star reported Sunday.

The meeting was also organised by the Management and Resources Development Initiative and included speakers from banks who discussed topics such as banking and credit procedures, as well as trade issues, according to the article, posted by AsiaMedia.


Leah McBride Mensching


2009-04-29 10:52

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