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Spain’s economy and the newspaper industry have both been under pressure in recent years, to put it mildly. But now, in the opinion of the Spanish Federation of Journalists' Associations (FAPE), a crisis point has been reached. FAPE writes that 97% of its 20,000 journalist members are preparing to protest against threats to their industry on World Press Freedom Day on May 3, under the slogan “Without journalists, there is no journalism, without journalism, there is no democracy”.

FAPE members are preparing to “denounce the difficult situation that journalism is going through” in 41 cities across Spain, and the association is calling on the public to support its rallies.

According to FAPE, 6,234 journalists have been laid off since the financial crisis hit in 2008, 57 media organisations have been closed, and 23 have introduced redundancies. FAPE president Elsa González has blamed media executives for the industry’s current problems, and has accused them of “opting to dramatically reduce staff numbers without a clear commitment to innovation and training” instead of supporting “journalism adapted to the demands of people living in the 21st century”. 


Hannah Vinter


2012-05-02 13:51

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