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France’s Union of the National Daily Press (SPQN) is taking a keen interest in a draft law, approved by Germany’s cabinet last week, which would require aggregators such as Google News that reproduce snippets of text from news articles to pay a copyright fee to publishers, reported Le Monde on Tuesday.

The German draft law, backed by major publishing houses Axel Springer and Bertelsmann, has been nicknamed the “Lex Google” in France. Initially put forth by the Federation of German News Publishers, its intention is to allow publishers to recover some of the advertising revenue that they say is lost to aggregators who reproduce “pirated” content from news organizations’ websites as teasers on their news pages.


Emma Knight


2012-09-05 12:16

Auf Weidersehen free news clippings? Spiegel reported earlier this week that search engines may have to pay to re-publish news in Germany.

The German government’s coalition committee agreed last Sunday to give intellectual copyright protection to German publishers online. According to Spiegel, this means that publishers should be paid by aggregators and search engines like Google to use extracts of their text. However, the magazine writes that it’s still unclear exactly how the scheme will be implemented.

The coalition agreement states that, “publishers in the online arena shouldn’t be in a worse position than others that distribute content.”

It continues “in the future, commercial providers online, such as search engines and news aggregators, should pay a fee to the publisher to distribute news products (such as newspaper articles) on the internet.”

The coalition agreement says that online royalties shouldn’t just go to publishers, but also authors, who should receive an “appropriate financial contribution from the implementation of the intellectual copyright law”.

Royalties could be charged though a collecting society, and “the term of protection should be one year,” stated the committee.


Hannah Vinter


2012-03-09 18:49

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