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The New York Times is planning to further extend its international reach and tap into the promising Brazilian advertising market by launching a Portuguese-language website in the second half of next year.

The revelation follows a similar move by the Financial Times, which opened a newspaper printing plant in São Paulo earlier this month, and is taking strides to expand its Latin American web presence with a tailored homepage and mobile app.

Also rooted in São Paulo, The Times’ new site will feature approximately ten daily regional news stories reported and edited by local staff, and 20 or so articles translated from But the Portuguese-language content will not be paywall-protected (at least in the beginning); its revenue will depend entirely on advertising.


Emma Knight


2012-10-16 23:57

The Newsblaster project was developed by the Columbia NLP (natural language processing) Group and has been running since September 2001. Under the direction of Professor Kathleen McKeown, the site processes news stories through the application of natural language processing techniques and artificial intelligence, to produce summaries of the day’s top news stories. After 11 years at the helm, Professor McKeown spoke to the SFN blog to discuss the development of Newsblaster, and what the future holds for the aggregation site.

SFN: In the 11 years that Newsblaster has been running, what types of changes has the site undergone?


Amy Hadfield


2012-08-29 09:53

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