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Recommended reads: NYT launches HTML5 app, animated GIFs from Guardian and Tumblr, and more

Recommended reads: NYT launches HTML5 app, animated GIFs from Guardian and Tumblr, and more

The Guardian and Tumblr will ‘live-GIF’ first presidential debate, /

A Guardian reporter and four GIF-creators will be getting together tomorrow to live-blog with animated GIFs, offering a light alternative to other coverage, this article says. Will these become a common element in live blogs as technology becomes more and more sophisticated? As another Poynter article explains: More compelling than a static photo and more immediate than Web video, the animated GIF (correctly pronounced with a soft g) is a uniquely digital mode of conveying ideas and emotion.”

The New York Times debuts an HTML5 iPad web app to complement its native apps, Nieman Lab

Nieman Lab’s Joshua Benton takes a look at the new web app for iPad from the latest paper to experiment with HTML5, The New York Times. As he says, it makes sense for the Times to have an HTML5 platform, but will it ever be as good as the native apps? Currently it’s extremely hard to create an HTML5 experience that could possibly compete, but is that all about to change? Benton also offers analysis of how this new web app fits into the NYT’s digital pricing structure.  

Industry metrics: is it time to say goodbye to the pageview?

Are pageviews and visitor numbers the best metrics to measure the success of news sites by? The authors of this article, one of whom does business development for a local paper in California, believe that there are better ways to measure the success of initiatives, and points to e-commerce businesses as a model. These look at “churn, cart abandonment, bounce rates, and average revenue per user” as measurements: should news outlets do the same?

Unbranding ourselves, The Hindu

The Hindu’s readers’ editor makes the interesting point that “it would be a misnomer to call a newspaper a brand,” because it “does not encapsulate the organic nature of the relationship between a newspaper and its readers’ ability to make informed democratic choices on a range of issues.”

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