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Recommended reading

Recommended reading

We are experimenting with replacing our "Media links" post with a feed of "Recommended reading," where we will not only suggest to you what we think are some of the most interesting articles around today, but we will highlight why we think they are worth reading. Do let us know what you think - either in the comments section below this post or send an email to

Revolutionary press blooms underground in Syria, AFP

“Dozens” of independent grassroots newspapers and websites have emerged in Syria since the outbreak of the revolts last year, this article from AFP reports. Most are accessed online, but some are printed and distributed. Many are run by inexperienced citizen journalists who struggle for funding, but the efforts to keep people informed and fight for free expression in a country in the grips of horrific civil war are heartening. 

Google Play store hits 25 billion downloads, launches discounts,

Many news organisations still develop apps for iOS first, but is it time to take Android more seriously? Google’s app store only took slightly longer from launch to pass the 25bn download mark than Apple’s did (in February/March this year.)

Barnes & Noble launches new tablets in e-books fight, Reuters

Further blurring the lines between e-readers and tablets, Barnes & Noble has become the latest e-reader company to launch a tablet, the Nook HD. This follows Amazon’s launch of the Kindle Fire HD, in addition to its range of e-paper Kindles. As this article notes, the tablet market is among the fastest-growing sectors of the technology industry. Will traditional e-readers be left behind, or will they still hold their own as a way to disconnect without the distractions a tablet provides?

Tipping Point? We’re Watching More Web Video on TVs Than on PCs.

With more and more newspapers producing more online video content it’s interesting to see that 45 percent of people surveyed for this report are choosing to watch web video content on their televisions rather than their PCs. Furthermore, this is a trend that has grown by 12 percent since last year.

Meeting A Troll…

Leo Traynor describes the crippling effect of anonymous abuse via social media on his and his family’s life, and how he brought it to an end.

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