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RollUp Media: making niche content pay?

RollUp Media: making niche content pay?

Hearing that niche sites are the future of online news is nothing new. “Write to people’s passion, and they will gobble up just about anything,” was one of the survival tips that news site designer Stijn Debrouwere gave to publishers in a recent blog post about the state of modern journalism. “MacRumors and many other niche sites do this,” he observed.

However, an article published by paidContent yesterday suggested that, while they might be popular, many of these niche sites have trouble actually making money. “We noticed digital publishers, especially in Europe, were struggling to build digital businesses,” former Brightcove vice president Rags Gupta told paidContent.

To address this problem, former executives from DoubleClick, Demand Media and BrightCove have created a start-up named RollUp Media, and which aims to help niche online publishers monetize their content, says the article.

“Niche sites may have websites, blogs and a Twitter presence but they don’t know much about SEO and monetisation,” states Gupta. He tells paidContent, “We have built a platform that covers all aspects of content: creation, distribution and monetisation.”

The article notes that the specifics of the service that RollUp Media will offer are still not clear, but suggests that they will offer technology solutions to help small digital publishers improve their SEO. The company has already bought up a technology firm named FeedTrace, which automatically aggregates niche content from Twitter, and it is using the technology to run the gossip and parenting sites InstantPulp and ParentPulp.

Given that there are still no details about exactly how RollUp media will help specialist content producers online, it’s still difficult to judge whether or not they will be a success. But like the decision by fashion blogger Frockwriter to launch a metered paywall around her blog, the company could represent an interesting step in the search for ways to monetise niche online content.

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