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A big Assignmint: helping out freelancers

A big Assignmint: helping out freelancers

Invoices, invoices everywhere, and not a drop of income… Being a freelance reporter has always been hard, and in the current media climate, as editorial budgets are being cut, it’s only getting tougher.

But now the former New York Press and Forbes Traveler editor Jeff Koyen is preparing to launch a platform named Assignmint, which is supposed to make freelancers lives a little easier. According to a write-up by Fast Company, Koyen’s product aims to make the admin side of freelance journalism more efficient, by offering a platform that allows writers and employers to manage commissions, deadlines, invoices, pitches, payment, expenses and contract information all in a single digital space. The platform will also feature an algorithm that will match up freelancers with potential employers, states the article.

Fast Company quotes Koyen, who explains Assignment is meant to eliminate specific, out-dated practices that he came across while working as a magazine editor. “Editors still cut-and-paste job details between Word docs and freelancers still put contracts in the mail. (Some even faxed them.),” said Koyen, “These inefficiencies do more than just waste time: They pit freelancers against their employers. So, I decided to build a network that solves all of these problems, from pitch to payment.”

This improvement to efficiency comes at a cost: Fast Company writes that Assignment will charge employers a service fee for handling payments to freelancers. The company will generate extra money through selling subscriptions and services. However, Koyen tells Fish Bowl LA that “the system will be free for all writers (and, in the future, any kind of freelancer).”

The platform is intended to launch this summer in closed beta, although it is already possible for users to register now with its website. Fast Company states that Assignmint will initially just be open to freelance writers and editors, but next year it may expand to include jobs in other parts of the media industry, as well as freelancing work in IT, fashion and financial services industries.

Sources: Fast Company, Fish Bowl LA


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2012-04-27 17:02

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