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The Telegraph’s app roadmap

The Telegraph’s app roadmap

When it comes to launching tablet and mobile apps, “the experience is everything,” says Greg Taylor, UX Strategy Director for Tigerspike which developed The Telegraph in the UK’s successful mobile and tablet apps.

Taylor presented the app roadmap that the Telegraph took in developing and ultimately launching its tablet app.

That roadmap included the experience of developing the app over a number of years, launching and testing the app to gain valuable feedback to improve the product, and ultimately creating a coherent monetisation strategy.

“Getting your head around how your users will use the app and content is absolutely critical and I don’t think companies do enough of that,” he said.  “I am interested in how people feel after they put that device down. And please make everything you do on these devices as simple as possible.”

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Dean Roper


2012-04-19 10:33

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