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Extending the Metro moment

Extending the Metro moment

As Metro International, with 17 million readers of its free daily around the world, extends its “Metro Moment” to more digital platforms, Maggie Samways makes one promise: “There will be no paywall in Metro’s future. Scout’s honour.”

Samways, Executive Vice President and Global Editor-in-Chief of Metro International in the UK, presented the company’s digital strategy which is more about “extending the Metro Moment than defending it,” she says.

That Metro Moment occurs every morning as readers commute to work between 7 and 9 a.m. For most, that has meant reading Metro’s print edition. But today that is being challenged by the onslaught of other platforms.

“The most important thing for us is to be true to our DNA and that is the Metro Moment. To continue to define what that means to us and our readers and especially what that means to them on mobile, tablets, and web.”

In essence, Samways says Metro wants to build new distribution channels, gain unique access to online audiences and thus create new Metro Moments. “We will use the print product to build awareness of our new products, continue to target people on the move and create some of those ‘lean back’ moments with Metro using verticals that are relevant to readers.”

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Dean Roper


2012-04-18 10:23

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