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Press+ releases trends about digital subscriptions revenues

Press+ releases trends about digital subscriptions revenues

Earlier this week the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism published a study about newspapers' often unsuccessful attempt to build digital revenue

As paidContent reported, the study left out data about digital subscriptions revenues, focusing only on advertising revenue.

A press release by Press+ claims to fill that gap, revealing some of the trends they have detected, based on aggregated data collected from 285 publishers who are using the Press+ platform.

All 285 of Press+‘s active affiliates have opted for meters over full paywalls, paidContent reported, quoting co-founder Grodon Crovitz who said: “We now have the data to show that meters are better than old-fashioned paywalls. (…) With meters, publishers keep all their online ad revenue and readership whereas of course with paywalls there’s a big decline in both.”

According to the press release, publishers have found they can set their meter at a lower point than they originally thought, offering fewer articles free, without significant drops in audience or advertising revenues.

Press+ has also found that some readers seem to be willing to subscribe to ensure access, even before hitting the limit of the meter, and than print subscribers are willing to pay an extra fee for full access to the website.

“Publishers are also finding encouraging results by implementing an "opt-out" print and digital bundle, in which they raise the subscription price by creating a combined print and digital subscription, while giving print subscribers the option of declining the digital product. Papers where the digital subscription represents a 10% price increase on the print product have seen 90% adoption of the digital subscription”, the press release says.

As paidContent noted however, Press+ is a business offering selective data, not an independent research unit, and it leave individual results and identifiable data to the publishers. “But it’s a business with the ability to aggregate increasingly meaningful results from a substantial number of publishers, which in turn can help its own clients and those who choose to go a different way make informed decisions”, the article added.

 Sources: Press+, Pew, paidContent


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