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Introducing Social Pulse: Reuters' new social media hub

Introducing Social Pulse: Reuters' new social media hub

Facebook's $5 billion IPO filing this week has left the world in little doubt about the growing importance of social media in our lives. Now, both adapting to this trend and looking at its power, Reuters has launched a social media hub with a special focus on the interaction between social media and business.

Social Pulse, as the new hub is called, contains a curated selection of news from across Reuters' social media networks. The top section, titled The Hit List, features the most popular stories shared by people followed by Reuters accounts and Reuters journalists on Twitter. In a blogpost about Social Pulse, Reuters stresses that it follows influential "newsmakers", to bring its readers stories popular with the people who are setting the news agenda. The section is managed through the curation company Percolate, also used by IPG and American Express.

Curation is nothing new, but what makes Social Pulse stand out is the way it combines social media and business analysis. The second section on the new page, powered by "big data" sentiment-tracking company Wise Window, allows readers to compare the sentiment expressed about various firms on social media networks with those companies' stock prices. The companies analysed are sorted into broader industry catagories including Tech, Finance and Healthcare.

For the third section, Reuters has put together a list of 100 CEOs who are active on Twitter, and then ranked the top 50 by their Klout scores. To be included, the CEO's must Tweet in English and have a Twitter handle that is separate from the name of their company. The Klout scores, which represent measurements of the influence that individuals have across various social media networks, allow users to see a picture of "America's most social CEO's"

Social Pulse also includes content selected by Reuters' social media editor Anthony de Rosa and and Tweets from Reuters' bloggers and reporters. To maximise user-friendliness, Reuters has also created a directory listing its reporters that are active on Twitter by topic. Social Pulse also features a selection of the most widely-discussed stories and the most viewed videos on Reuters, and a snapshot of Tweets from influential figures.

Media Bistro has responded to the new social media hub very positively. "Social Pulse is a great tool that allows someone who doesn't have much time to see what's hot on the social Web," writes Ethan Klapper.

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