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The Guardian continues to open up with Newsdesk live

The Guardian continues to open up with Newsdesk live

"So... What are you working on?"

Now some Guardian journalists are prepared to give us the answer to that question, as yesterday the paper unrolled Newsdesk live, a blog that promises to "bring you the news as we break it, explain how we choose what we report and why - and ask you to get involved."

This new blog from The Guardian's national news team puts the audience at the heart of the news-writing process, asking them to get in touch via comments, emails or Tweets to provide editors with ideas and information to help create stories.

The blog builds on The Guardian's Open Newslist, launched last October, which published a selection of the stories that journalists were working on, and allowed readers to Tweet at those journalists in real time.

According to a blogpost introducing Newsdesk live, the Open Newslist project "attracted a lot of interest and produced several good ideas within days of starting." Still, the old format was too limited; it was no easy task "using a simple grid and 140 characters to communicate all the complexities of the day's news with an outside audience."

Newsdesk Live takes the whole project one step further, both incorporating the Open Newslist and allowing readers comment on what's happening on the news desk at length within a live comment thread. It is written by Guardian journalist Polly Curtis, who also works on the Reality Check blog.

Jeff Sonderman at Poynter responds positively to Newsdesk live, which he praises for providing "a pleasant mix of facts, analysis, process and discussion -- an illustration of news as a process, not a product."

Sonderman notes that reporting on journalists writing stories as they unfold has lead to a few glitches. He quotes the writer, who had to make a "couple of corrections" to a post about university enrollment applications "as we dig further into the figures."

Still, his reaction is generally highly positive - he finds it "refreshing" to hear editors "share how they are learning what they report."

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