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Study: Outdoor most efficient ad format for newspapers and magazines

Study: Outdoor most efficient ad format for newspapers and magazines

In the United Kingdom, outdoor may be the most useful ad format for advertising newspapers and magazines, according to Sally Dickerson, global director for marketing firm Brand Science, according to Brand Republic. Print ads may be the most advantageous to FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) and telecommunications advertisers.

For newspapers and magazines, outdoor generated £1.29 of incremental sales per £1 of media and production cost. TV is less efficient, offering £0.77. Print and radio both generate £0.50 while Internet £0.39.

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Print produces £1.47 of incremental sales revenue per £1 of media and production charges for FMCG advertisers. Meanwhile, outdoor gathers £1.09, radio £0.89 and Internet £0.66, Brand Republic wrote Monday.

Brand Science analysis also found that print was the most efficient format for telecom firms since incremental sales amounted to £11.31 for each £1 of media and production charges, Marketing Media Review divulged.

FMCG advertisers experience a jump in profits for outdoor ads as the share increases. That is, if outdoor constitutes an above median share of expenditure, it generates £1.33 as opposed to the £0.30 obtained from a below median share. For telecom marketers, outdoor provides a yield of £6.53.

"Outdoor is continuing to perform very well. It's a very friendly medium and its effect is there to be seen. It's also seen in the boost to other media and the overall campaign effect," Dickerson said, according to the report.

For retail and travel advertisers, radio is the most efficient, generating £6.10 and £7.84 per £1 of media and production costs, respectively. Personal finance brands may benefit most from online campaigns, since they provide £2.52, but print comes close at £2.42 in incremental sales revenue.

Brand Science explained that for increased media competence, FMCG advertisers need to escalate the outdoor expenditure from 15 percent during 2009-2010 to 22 percent. Ideally, they should have 41 percent spend on TV, 26 percent on print, 7 percent on radio and 3 percent online, Brand Republic said.

Dickerson presented the research during the Clear Channel Outdoor's Idea Seminar last week. The audience consisted of over 150 planners and buyers from agencies and specialists. According to Brand Republic, Brand Science operated more than 750 econometrics studies for the research.


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2010-11-17 18:29

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