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Times and Sunday Times' online audience increasingly UK-based

Times and Sunday Times' online audience increasingly UK-based

Since raising its paywall in June, News International titles The Times and Sunday Times have seen the percentage of their UK users increase significantly. The percentage of people accessing the news site from within the United Kingdom has more than doubled, from less than 35 percent in February to 75 percent today, according to a report by

The paywall around the Times websites has also resulted in a more "affluent and more engaged digital audience," according to chief marketing officer Katie Vanneck, the report stated. Also, the frequency with which users are accessing News International's online content has risen, from an average of twice weekly, to an average of three times each week.

When comparing the sites to their competitors, UK audiences made up 36 percent of MailOnline's 46.9 million unique users in September, 34 percent for the, 42 percent for and 43 percent for

Vanneck said The Times and Sunday Times had more than 105,000 paid-for customers since June. By doing some basic math, even if we estimate that number today at 110,000 (with 75 percent being from within the UK), then 82,500 of those users are UK-based. Compare that to the MailOnline's 36 percent of 46.9 million uniques - reaching 16.884 million UK users. However, the number of returning users is likely much lower.

According to figures from Nielsen, in the second quarter of 2010, The Times and Sunday Times had 3.1 million unique UK visitors, pointed out in a report earlier this month.

Vanneck told MediaWeek that she is "encouraged" by the sites' 105,000-plus paid-for customer sales since June: "Within four months, we've seen a 40% growth in our subscriber numbers if you look at our total multichannel reach of subscriptions. We've got over 200,000 subscriptions across all our different channels... For the iPad, which is probably more intuitive for a digital-reading experience than a browser- based experience, we're seeing 74 percent of all subscribers coming once a day or more."


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2010-11-11 14:49

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