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Spanish newspapers have reduced staff by 39 percent since 2003

Spanish newspapers have reduced staff by 39 percent since 2003

The four largest newspapers in Spain--El Paí­s, El Mundo, ABC and La Razón-- eliminated 906 work positions between 2003 and 2009, PRNoticias reported yesterday. These layoffs represent 39 percent of the 2,325 staff members the dailies had seven years ago.

El Pais, which continues to be the largest employer, has reduced its payroll by 43 percent from 891 employees to 507. According to PRNoticias, the reduction does not mean that all the jobs have been lost because the Prisa Group transferred some of the newspaper's divisions to other parts of the company.

However, the steeper reduction was introduced by ABC, which cut by half its personnel from 774 to 375 staff members. El Mundo also has less staff as it reduced its staff by 35 percent from 446 people.

PRNoticias revealed that La Razon is the only newspaper that managed to increase its work positions since 2003. Now, it has 247 employees on its payroll, up from the 214 it had seven years ago.

According to the 2010 Report of the Journalistic Profession, released last week by Universidad de Malaga, 6,500 Spanish journalists are currently unemployed and the number is expected to increase to almost 10,000 by end of 2010, Xornal de Galicia reported.


Clara Mart


2010-10-13 18:54

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