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Study: 27% of users share 87% of news links

Study: 27% of users share 87% of news links

CNN's first global research study into the power of news and recommendation (Powar) revealed that 27 percent of Internet users are responsible for sharing 87 percent of news links, MediaGuardian reported today. Each of these frequent users shares and average of 13 stories per week and receives at least 26.

According to the study, social media like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube continue to be the most powerful sharing tools and they are responsible for 43 percent of the articles shared. These sites are closely followed by e-mail (30 percent), SMS 15 (percent) and instant messenger 12 (percent), reported.

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At least 65 percent of the shared content is composed by news stories while breaking news and funny articles only represent 19 percent 16 percent, respectively.

Furthermore, CCN's research also found sharing patterns according to the geographic location of users. For instance, Americans share contents that they think could be useful for family and friends and Europeans focus more on stories related with work, The Guardian pointed out.

The study was conducted among 2,300 Internet users between June and August.


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