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U.S News Media Group to optimise content aggregation channels

U.S News Media Group to optimise content aggregation channels

U.S. News Media Group, which publishes the monthly U.S. News and World Report, is launching a series of real-time news feeds in collaboration with content aggregator Loud3r, reported today.

Using Loud3r's online search technology, the news group aims to complement its original reporting with relevant content on a myriad issues from around the Web for its readers, according to the press release published on This new content channel will give editors the tools to discover and curate fresh, relevant content

"Users' expectation in the Internet age is for breadth and depth, and the traditional news organ needs to apply technology to get there because there are some tasks that are impossible for a human staff to cover," Lowell Goss, CEO at Loud3r, told paidContent. "The world expects every possible article that there might be on a particular news item."

For example, using Congress Tracker, its first real time news feed on top political issues, featuring updated profiles of all 435 members of Congress, the channel will serve as a template for all future content channels of the group, according to paidContent. Goss further added: "Aggregation doesn't only free up the newsroom, it can serve as inspiration for reporters and editors."

According to statistics by Omniture, the news group saw record-breaking Web traffic of more than 10 million unique visitors in August on and, a significant increase by 31 percent from August 2009, according to the press release posted on Also page visits were up by 20 percent, indicating increased user engagement owing to the publisher's digital transformation strategy, site upgrades and successful launch of the 2011 Best Colleges rankings package. Consistent audience growth by 20 to 30 percent a month has also been noticed on the website.


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2010-09-10 22:11

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