Wed - 13.12.2017 tightens focus: Content, commerce, clubs tightens focus: Content, commerce, clubs

Like most content creators, the Telegraph Media Group has always focused on increasing Web traffic by directing a maximum number of users to its Web site,, thereby increasing digital revenues through advertising. But times are changing, online ad revenue isn't enough, and TMG has come up with a new plan.

TMG's digital editor, Edward Roussel, told MediaGuardian today that the publisher will stop chasing everyone and instead focus on the "three Cs": content, commerce and clubs, with the hope of building a more sustainable business model.

"Rather than focusing relentlessly on the aggregated numbers of unique users and page impressions, we are now looking more at channels," he told MediaGuardian's Mercedes Bunz. "Increasing the traffic in those channels, we equally drive up revenues there as well. We want to drive those areas harder to make them commercially attractive." He added that publishers can do more with clubs in which people pay for memberships.

The three Cs approach will not just apply to, but also to the work on Project Euston, a new digital project set up by Will Lewis, editor-in-chief and managing director of digital, paidContent UK reported. Project Euston is an entrepreneurial digital venture, will have its own office, and was given millions of pounds and a staff of 50 to "capitalise on cutting edge ideas" and "drive new revenue streams." Basically, it is TMG's effort to go from media company to digital company, MediaGuardian reported in November 2009.

Roussel told MediaGuardian today that smaller niche areas, such as gardening, are important, giving the example an e-commerce project with plant company Crocus.'s micro-site Gardenshop delivers gardening news and advice, and also features Crocus, which enables users to buy directly from the Web site's feature titled "The garden that leads to Crocus."


Savita Sauvin


2010-02-03 20:26

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