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Two manga style newspapers launched in recent weeks

Two manga style newspapers launched in recent weeks

Japan boasts two new newspaper Web sites, both of which deliver the news in a highly-stylised artistic form known worldwide as manga, Asiajin yesterday reported.

Manga no Shimbun, or Manga Newspaper in English, is a general interest daily launched by KaBA Net on October 15, 2009. In pictorial headlines of such high quality they put to shame the ads beside them, the newspaper instantly and economically communicates the subject of a story to readers - and nonreaders - of any language.

The newspaper's press release (also in manga) promises translations to English, French and Korean as the publication grows.

Meanwhile, Trend Pro launched Nihon IT Manga Shimbun, or Japan IT Manga Newspaper, Thursday. Though this publication's chief focus is - as its title implies - on technology news, currently dead tabs labelled "Economics" and "Politics" suggest that coverage of those areas may be forthcoming.


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2009-11-18 19:05

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