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Times and Telegraph Media Group set to axe bulks

Times and Telegraph Media Group set to axe bulks

Bulk copies - distributed free or at heavily-discounted prices - may become a thing of the past soon for two UK newspapers. The Times Newspapers and Telegraph Media Group are reportedly planning to scrap the practice, the Guardian reported yesterday. The Guardian and Observer newspapers both cut their bulk copies in August, MediaWeek then reported.

Once thought to provide prospective subscribers a sampling of the paper's wares, while in fact boosting audited circulation figures, the practice has fallen in the face of severe cost-cutting measures of late, The Guardian article stated. Moreover, the cost of producing and issuing extra copies appears to have returned little in the way of actual sales, thus undermining the rationale for the longstanding industry practice.

MediaWeek reported Tuesday that the Daily Telegraph's circulation bulk copies were responsible for 91,442 copies of The Daily Telegraph's circulation of 814,087 in August, 80,534 of which were given out on airlines. Marketing Week reported in September that the Financial Times also felt a dip in circulation after stripping out bulk copies.

This is not UK newspapers' first trim of extra copies. In 2002, Marketing Week predicted that, by cutting bulk, the Daily Telegraph's annual circulation could fall below 1 million for the first time in several years. Marketing Week further noted, though, that advertisers welcome the move, which would lend greater clarity to rate negotiations. Meanwhile, the market demand for unsold, or "overissued," newspapers in order to repurpose its newsprint appears to be on the rise, as shown by a buy ad posted yesterday from Pakistan.


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